ARK: Survival Evolved Server ยท admin@theark.fun


1. General rules:
[1.1] Cheating in any way is prohibited. That includes any form of Hack, Script or Bugabusing (that includes Meshing). Bugabusing will from now on include the Daeodon bug, which makes a Daeodon heals as fast as someone rides it, without being mounted. This will from now on also include any form of automated script/macro to craft turret ammunition. If you are caught using something like that to craft Ammo you will be banned for atleast 1 day.
[1.2] Insiding is forbidden.
[1.3] Impersonating the Administrators is not allowed. You may not call your character "Admin", "GM","Snuby", "Chaos" or anything similar.
[1.4] Threatening, defaming or spreading false informations about the Administrators is forbidden.
[1.5] Advertisement for any other Server or Website etc. is not allowed. (Don't post links that don't have something to do with this server).
[1.6] Don't be too toxic. If you take it too far with verbal abuse you will get punished.
[1.7] Dont impersonate other tribes. Use your own tribename. (Dont use the same/similiar tribename as another tribe)

2. Building rules:
[2.A] Its not allowed to build in following areas:
-Genesis 1 Lunar biome
[2.1] Building anything inside of the mesh is forbidden.
[2.2] Dont overdo it with the structure spam around your base spot. Use your common sense (should not exeed ~200, cliff platforms count as 20 structures). Spamming only to "protect Teleporters" is prohibited. Loose turrets also count as spam. That also includes if you place the turret on a spammed foundation, Turret towers still do not count as spam though.
[2.3] It is prohibited to block crouch caves by placing dinos directly into the crouch point. (Especially by hatching eggs in the crouch point) Example for such caves: Island: Ice Cave, Center: Pearl Cave etc.
[2.4] No more than 2 bases per map. Temporary Fobs and Teleporters are allowed!
[2.5] "Claiming" and blocking basespots without actually building at that location is prohibited.
[2.6] Selling spots to other players for points is not allowed.
[2.7] Dont build in a way to intentionally cause FPS drops (For example turning generator ranges on or spamming transmitters). Even if you think it looks pretty.
[2.9] Blocking the vision with an Exo-Mek holding an Cliff Platform ist not allowed.

3. PvP and Raiding:
[3.1] Raiding through the mesh (undermeshing) is strictly forbidden.
[3.2] 30 minutes of cage time outside of raiding. While raiding you can be caged for the duration of the raid.
[3.3] It is not allowed to build the platformsaddles in a way that turrets are not able to hit the dino.
[3.4] During a raid, only 5 unmounted dinos may be whistled/thrown into a base at the same time.
[3.5] Teaming is not allowed. Teaming is when a third party intentionally tanks, destroys or places their own fob during a raid. A third party is not allowed to destroy a raiders fob or the defenders base etc. PvP does not fall under teaming, sniping or killing with a dino as a third party is allowed, as long as the third tribe is not destroying or intentionally tanking anything. If you report someone for teaming you have to provide solid proof such as a Screenshots/videos that includes the tribename of the teamers and what is happening. Screenshots/videos of tribe logs are not sufficient evidence. If a fob has been abandoned for atleast 2 hours another attacker is allowed to destroy the fob (take screenshots of the decay timer so you have proof in case of a report).
[3.6] It is not allowed to demolish your base/own structures while being attacked to save your Tribe-Leaderboard Points. The same goes for your fob etc. In addition to that, every try of abuse the Tribe Point system, will be resulting in a completly reset of the points. (you have to send us screenshot or video evidence)
[3.7] Auto-breeding Wyverns is not allowed, if we see eggs laying around wyverns, you will get punished. (every wyvern will get killed by us, without a warning)
[3.8]It is not allowed to change your tribe-Members while rading/defending, that means its not allowed to kick member and invite new ones.

4. Rights reserved for the Administrators:
[4.1] Anything lost during teleportation or traveling or because of bugs or servercrashes/connection issues etc will not be replaced.
[4.2] Admin decisions do not strictly have to be based on the rules (in special scenarios that are too subjective to form a general rule for them etc.).
[4.3] All rules are up to admin discretion.
[4.4] The entire tribe can be punished because of a members actions.
[4.5] The rules can be changed at any time. Its your responsibility to check if they change. Changes will get announched via @everyone.
[4.6] The Blue Obelisk on Ragnarok 1 is for foot PvP. If we see someone come there with a dino we will kill it. On Ragnarok 2 dinos are allowed at the blue Obelisk. (Dont open tickets bc of this.)
[4.7] Calling anything you own "@everyone" is forbidden. Anything called "@everyone" will get wiped by us.

- By playing on this Server you agree to not violate the ARK and Discord TOS and to play by the servers rules.
- It is your responsibility to check the strike channels in the Discord.

-Please take screenshot or vidio evidence if you feel someone is any breaking rules, post on discord